Dr.Ahmed Said

Founder & Managing Partner


Dr.Ahmed Said has 10 years of local and international experience in Business Law, including Commercial Law, Capital Markets, Project Finance, Corporate Restructures and Acquisitions. He advises on major transactions taking place in Egypt, and in the Middle East and North Africa region related to the above mentioned areas.


2014: Ph.D in Commercial Law (The Evolution of Contractual Concept in the International Trade Transactions), Ain Shams University.

2008: Diploma of International Commercial Arbitration, Ain Shams University.

2007: Master of private law, Ain Shams University.

2005: Licence en Droit, Ain Shams University.

Books in English

The Evolution of Contractual Concept in the International Trade Transactions.

Books in Arabic

1- Foreign investment system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2- commercial crises.

3- International trade inception and the impact of globalization career.

4- International Trade is a blessing and a curse for the country and the people.

5- Contract as a means of dominance in international trade transactions.

6- Electronic fraud and the Egyptian penal legislation.

7- Right ad limitations of foreigners with regard to the ownership of real estate and real estate speculation in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

8- Prove the particular partnership in accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law.

9- Prescription of check, according to the provisions of the Egyptian Trade law.


Member, Egyptian bar Association (APPELATE).

Member of Egyptian Society of Political Economy and Statistics and Legislation.

Member of the Egyptian Society of International Law.