Investment In Egypt

Egypt is considered the main focus for the Middle East in terms of its location, which mediates almost the world.

In terms of water resources, where mediates the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, and connecting the two most important tributary in the world, the Suez Canal, which make their Sinai, which carry many of the resources.

And where adorned with the Nile River, which is the basis of agricultural wealth in Egypt with well water.

And where there are natural resources and human resources.

Egypt seeks to attract more investments from internal, regional and international, to achieve several goals aimed at achieving high growth rates for the state's economy.

In support of this, it was the age of the Investment Law No. 8 in order to attract foreign investors, which applies to a specific number of activities:

Reclamation and cultivation of land arid and desert.
Production of animal and poultry and fish.
Industry and mining.
Preparation and development of industrial areas selected.
Hotels, motels and apartments, tourist villages and tourist transport.
Refrigerated transport of goods, refrigerators, storage of crops and processed
products, foodstuffs, container terminals and grain silos.
Air transport and direct services associated with it.
Shipping to the high seas.
Petroleum Services Supported for drilling and exploration, transportation and delivery of natural gas.
Residential complexes which are leased units is fully finished housing for non-commercial purposes.
Operations infrastructure, including drinking water and sanitation, electricity, roads and telecommunications.
And therapeutic medical centers that provide 10% of their energy for free. Leasing.
Ensure placement of securities.
Risk capital.
Production programs or computer systems.
Projects funded by the Social Fund for Development.
The development of new urban areas.
Design and production software.
The establishment and management of technological areas.
Credit rating.
Establishment, management and operation or maintenance of the means of mass transport within the river or between cities and new urban communities.
Performance management for industrial projects.
Compilation of garbage and waste production and service activities and processed.

Where incorporates this law on incentives guarantees granted to the protection against expropriation and pricing compulsory and the full right to gain and the distribution of profits and the lack of requirements for export and the right of recourse to the dispute settlement committees run by the General Authority for Investment and not to impose any restrictions on the territory level.

And where this law provides many areas of new investment and vitality of industrial zones and free zones and areas of extreme.

The company is one of the windows to enter the world of investment in Egypt by adopting all the founding companies and the conclusion of all contracts and extract all the necessary licenses and permits for the establishment of institutional investors in Egypt.

And also provide places from where the headquarters and factories and places of residence and land, and so on.

And follow-up of incorporation procedures and the work itself through the procedures for the appointment of employment and extract all their papers, whether Egyptians or foreigners, and this includes the provision of accommodation for foreigners.

And also we specialize in risk and crisis management for companies investing in Egypt and the development of investment policies by specialists from the law of men and a group of accountants and technical experts in all fields of investment.